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5 Things You Can Do Right NOW To Love Yourself a Bit More

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2017

The idea of going from hating what you see in the mirror to celebrating yourself every single day can seem daunting and impossible. Changing your thoughts, beliefs and life definitely takes time and intention, but there are still things you can do now that will change your mood. If you are having a bad day or wanting to boost your self love a bit, try these:

1. Say 3 things that are going well today and something you're proud of.

Even if today sucks the most, I promise there are things going right, and you are doing things right. What has gone right today? Or this week? What have you accomplished recently that you can celebrate? I PROMISE there is something! Even if it's getting out of bed, checking something off your to-do list or feeding yourself, the little things matter and they count. You can say this in your head, or out loud. Even better? Say it in a mirror like you mean it!

2. Social media detox.

Unfollow everyone who makes you feel like shit or not good enough. Most likely it's not their intention, but if someone makes you feel like you need to be thinner, more beautiful, or more or less of anything than you are and want to be, UNFOLLOW THEM. I promise you won't miss them in 30 seconds.

The day I unfollowed all of the Kardashians and other celebs and started to follow women who were aligned with my mission and made me feel GOOD instead of SHITTY was the best day.

3. Eat something that tastes good and something that feels good.

Food is fuel and food is pleasure. Eat something that will make you happy because you DESERVE to feel that, and then eat something that you know is going to make your body feel good. Not your brain, your body!

For me, sweet potato fries make me really happy, and green veggies make my body really happy! Feeling positive and feeling energized means that Katie is having a good day, and good days come from being in a good headspace, which means I am being kind to myself and loving myself. See the connection?

4. Go for a walk!

Or do some stretches. If you have the ability to move your body, use that privilege! It can be in bed, outside, in the gym or wherever. Pay attention to how your body feels while you're moving and how it feels afterwards. I bet you it is SO happy that you are giving it that opportunity.

Going back to energy, energy is created, not obtained. So if you're feeling low, stuck, or down, try moving for a few minutes and saying some BADASS affirmations to create some high, positive energy!! I promise you will feel so much better!

5. Text someone you haven't talked to in a while.

Tell them you miss them/love them/are grateful for them/or just that you were thinking of them. Not only will it feel great to connect, but even if they don't respond, you'll know that you brought a bit of light to their day. Doing something kind for others ALWAYS makes me feel better.



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