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PLEASE stop saying this...

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2017

"OMG have you lost weight?!"

"You look so thin!"

I would be lying if I said I haven't said either of these before. But I know now how detrimental this can be and I want to tell you why:

1. Praising weight loss sends the message that weight loss = good, and weight gain = bad. The reality is, our bodies change A LOT over time. Sometimes we may gain weight and sometimes we may lose weight, but neither is bad. Weight gain or loss is a natural side affect of life. Also, we must stop promoting the idea that weight gain is the WORST thing that can possibly happen. Because it isn't at all. 

It is OK if you gain weight. You are not a bad person and we need to stop making each other feel as though it is a shameful thing. Plus, by highlighting a change in weight, it can also send the message that the person you are complimenting didn't look 'good' before. Then, if that person being complimented were to gain weight (again, which is OK and normal), they may feel as though they have 'failed' or feel negatively about it. 

Each of our bodies are different and feels best at a certain weight, and instead of trying to fight that, I want us all to celebrate and respect our bodies, regardless of their shape, size or weight.

2. The reason that person has lost weight could be because of someting such as an illness or eating disorder. In a situation where the person has an eating disorder, by praising their change in weight, we are giving their harmful behavior positive reinforcement. And if they have lost weight to something like cancer, it is probably an incredibly hard time in their life, and losing weight isn't something they feel is positive. 

The bottom line is we never know the whole story, but overall,  complimenting weight loss is something I want to encourage you to think twice about. 

In general, let's challenge ourselves to give compliments that are not about physical appearance. Here is a great list of examples!

I love you all so so much!


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