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Take Care's Self Love Workshop!!

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2017

It happened!! Another successful Take Care event!

I was SO excited to be hosting an event that would dive deeper in self-love and provide a safe space for discussions and positivity. I remember when I attended my training with The Body Positive I felt so at home being surrounded by like-minded people. I knew that I wanted to bring that to this event, even if just a fraction of what I experienced. 

Do you ever set an intention and say you're going to do something and then The Universe is like, "LOL" and does everything it can to test you? That was 100% me while planning this event. People involved dropped out, the venue was so hard to finalize, donors weren't coming through and overall it was just a mess. However, I knew that the reason I wanted to host this event wasn't about me, it was about everyone else who was going to attend. I reminded myself that I don't have to plan this event, I get to! 

Ok, ok, enough about before the event. How did the actual event go?!

It was so good!

It felt amazing to have so many people come together and to share things about themselves, to be able to share my thoughts and ideas around loving ourselves, and to be in such a peaceful place. 

We ended up having the event at Memorial Park in Loma Mar, CA. It was incredibly peaceful and private; the perfect place to host an event like this. We had no cell service, which was scary at first, but ended up being a blessing.

We started the event with setting our intentions, a quick ice breaker, and then went into setting guidelines for the event. We then dove into a discussion about what body positivity and self-love actually are. I feel like body positivity becomes a catch-all term for loving yourself, and the problem with that is that is completely leaves out why the body positive movement started and who the movement is for, so it was important to me to take a minute to discuss that. 

We then dove into body messages that we've been told our whole lives. I asked the attendees to write down messages they have gotten about their body, beauty, health, weight, gender, ability, skin color, hair, eating, and exercise from friends, family, doctors and the media. We then had a discussion around their responses. Something that really stood out to me was a comment that all of the answers were negative, even though it wasn't included in the directions to write down negative messages. It was upsetting to realize that just about everything we've told about ourselves has such negative tones, and is not empowering us to feel uplifted and confident.

We then went into one of my favorite topics and exercises, which is declaring your own authentic beauty. For this portion, we discussed messages that we've gotten around beauty and what makes us beautiful. The whole point of this exercise is to realize that the reason I am beautiful may be completely different from the reason you are beautiful, but that is amazing! There is no one way to be beautiful, yet we have been told for ages that there is. But here is the thing, instead of trying to fit into someone else's mold of beauty, we get to declare our own! So that means everyone has beauty? HELL YES!!!

We then took a snack break, and got to munch on some delicious items thanks to Primal Kitchen, Dang, Emmy's Organics, RUNA,  Bare Snacks, and made mushroom hot chocolate thanks to Four Sigmatic!!

After our break we dove into Reclaiming Your Health. I also love this topic because it really debunks messages and 'truths' that we've been told about what health is and what is isn't. But the thing is, health is personal, and no one can tell you what you must or must not do to be health. It is up to you! A BIG thing I wanted to make clear is the health is NOT represented by one particular physical example. Size is not a determinant of health. Weight is not a determinant of health. No ifs, ands or buts. 

I wanted to end the workshop with an activity to creating affirmations because I think they are so powerful and have been such a crucial part in my self-love journey. If you don't include affirmations in your day, do it now!! I am so serious! 


Finally, we closed up our time with some questions and S'MORES!! We also had an amazing raffle thanks to Jenna Shaffer for donating beauty items, and Primal Kitchen for donating some delicious condiments! All of our attendees took home a goodie bag with amazing products from Rhythm Foods, Primal Kitchen, Bare Snacks, Dang, Emmy's Organics, and REBBL! It was such an incredible day and I am so thankful to everyone who came, to all the companies who donated, and to YOU for reading this!!

Be sure to join our online community, Take Care, to get in on the action and stay updated on future events. 

Big shout out to Jenna and her boyfriend Chris for taking these photos!

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