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About Me

Hi! I'm Katie and I am a Body Coach.

After years of seeing exercise as punishment, having an awful relationship with food, and not understanding how to love my body, I finally realized that I am not the problem. My self-worth and value does not come from my size or weight. I can love myself and feel fulfilled just as I am. Once I came to practice Intuitive Eating, understand the magic of Health at Every Size and enlist a weight-neutral approach to health, I found myself finally free from all of the self-hate and negativity. 

My journey to self-love came from a deep place of self-hate. I grew up with a very poor relationship of food and an unattainable idea of beauty that was set for me by others. I realize now that those around me who set these ideals loved me, but the impact their expectations had on me caused me to feel like my happiness and success was dependent on my weight and appearance, and that my health was determined by a number.‚Äč

I wanted to create a space for people to gain support, find inspiration and share their journeys around self-acceptance, self care, self love, confidence, having a healthy relationship with food and gaining the right mindset to live your best life. In addition, the space is completely weight-neutral, meaning we don't discuss weight, measurements, clothing sizes or share before and after pictures. I wanted to be able to share about my journey in loving and connecting with my body without weight being a factor, and I quickly realized that so many other people were looking for the same thing.

Since creating Take Care, my free Facebook group all about our journeys to heal our relationships with our bodies, I have realized my passion for helping others gain confidence, move past insecurities and love themselves, and I want to bring that to as many people as possible. Now, I am licensed through the Body Positive as a Facilitator of their extensive curriculum and I am certified in Holistic Health and Integrative Nutrition to better assist others on their self love journeys. I take my passion for Take Care even further through 1:1 coaching for women. I believe there is a space for body love and well-being to happily exist together, and I am committed to helping others get there. 

Working as a coach to help women live free and happy lives has been absolutely amazing. It is possible to love yourself exactly as you are by being your most truest self, and to be able to reject any ideas of what you should eat, or how you should look.

Are you ready to end the battle with your body? If so, let's chat!


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