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Hey Gorgeous! Are you ready to become BFFs with your body?

"The Self Love Clubhouse is an invaluable resource, one that is brimming with well-researched content, expert testimony and meaningful exercises that promise personal growth. Katie bravely shares her story and is there to coach participants through every step, arming us with a full box of tools for practicing intuitive self-care and fostering a healthier relationship with our bodies. The space offers both thought provoking prompts and powerful insight that empower community members to prioritize and manifest tangible self-love and body acceptance. The enthusiasm with which I recommend this membership site cannot be overstated.” - Rebecca C.

Have you ever felt stuck about where you are in life? Like you wanted more for yourself? Like you want to break through the negative thoughts that you have about yourself? Like you are so tired of spending your time and energy hating yourself or wanting to change yourself? I know how you feel. I promise I’ve been there is a way to make it better.

And let me guess; dieting, counting calories and working out everyday didn’t help you love yourself. Personal development books and motivational talks maybe worked for a second but that soon faded away. Changing your personality didn’t help you. And I bet that beating yourself up didn’t motivate you to get to where you want to go either. How does that feel to try everything and for nothing to really stick? Isn’t it frustrating? That can stop NOW.

You're not alone, that was me too. I tried it ALL, and when I got so frustrated because nothing was working, I finally gave in and tried something else. I tried to change myself for so long in order to be happy with who I was, but the answer the whole time was to just be me and embrace myself. Once I mastered this, everything changed. I know that place may seem far away for you, but I promise it is so much closer than you think.

If you are over hating yourself and doubting yourself, and have no idea where to begin to change that, I want to talk to you. I am so excited to be launching the Self Love Clubhouse, and If you are ready to love your body, change your mindset and improve your relationship with food, I’ve got you.

Imagine how it would feel to:

-Wear that dress that’s been hanging in your closet forever for the first time without being taken over by anxiety about what others may think

-Take the plunge to ask out that person with no fear of what they may say

-Not have your day be dictated by the actions of others; being able to have the best day ever everyday because you’re in control of your life

-Be able to eat freely without fear, anxiety, shame or guilt

-Have a connection with your body that is so strong that you know exactly what it needs and how to honor it so you always feel your best

-Find balance and being comfortable with who you are

-Know what truly makes you happy, and filling your whole life with those things

-Have control over your life and live intentionally

I believe that everything we want in life starts with you, and with the right tools we can do anything. The problem is, too many of us have acquired a belief along the way that makes us feel as though we don’t deserve to be called beautiful, to be the CEO, to have the relationship they want. I believe that literally ANY goal you have starts with loving and believing in yourself. I don’t want you to ‘fake it til you make it’, I want you to FEEL it and BELIEVE it.

Being confident and loving yourself doesn’t mean working harder, or taking more time, it just takes doing the RIGHT things. And I’m going to help you do that. 
We all start somewhere, and at one point I was exactly where you are now. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

Here is EXACTLY what you are going to get when you sign up today:

-35+ trainings, videos, worksheets, resources, expert insights, and more to help you make effective changes. 

-Our VIP Facebook group to connect with other members, ask questions, share successes and view bonus content

I will walk you through step by step every month how to make lasting changes and actually see results.


I want to make the value SO worth your $$, so I am also including a BONUS month of December content! Check it out below!

Look at all that content!! And just about each training comes with an accompanying worksheet or download to REALLY help you 

The key to the progress and change you’re looking for is intention and consistency, and in the Self Love Clubhouse, you will be delivered the resources and tools to implement the new habits and changes you’re looking for on a consistent basis that is easy to maintain. 

Here's what people are already saying:

"I think this series would be so helpful for my friends who struggle and very accessible... there is a lot of focus on solutions to issues... I can't wait to recommend this to my friends when it goes live." -Jessica

"I have read countless self help books, but haven't connected to any of them the way I connected to this. Katie has created a space that is so personal, straight forward, and encouraging. These 'lessons' are short, to the point, and spark a different kind of motivation. The self-love journey can sometimes be lonely and Katie has made something that makes you feel so much love, guidance and encouragement." - Barbara

"I really liked [this site]...Your website made me realize that even though that I have been trying these things on my own that I still need guidance." - Lauren

So are you in? Are we doing this?

I’m only opening the site for a short period of time, so let’s make this happen now!

Let's do this! Let's change your life, every month, together.




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